Fragile, 2022
Oil on engraved brass plate

50 x 40 cm (20 x 16 in)

Kindness, 2021
Oil on canvas

50 x 40 cm (20 x 16 in)

Remonter le fleuve de mes peurs, 2022
Oil on canvas

200 x 140 cm

Trilla, 2022
Oil on canvas

115 x 90 cm (45 x 35 in)

The hoover and the rat, 2021
Oil on canvas

27 x 19 cm (11 x 7 in)

Solo Exhibition Leaflet | Christiane Pooley: Distance

Design: Keita Shimbo + Misaco Shimbo (smebetsmb)

Published in September 2021 by Gallery 38, Tokyo
21 x 14 cm (leaflet)
6 ½ pages (9 color ill.)

Photos: Maison Sagan

Monograph | Christiane Pooley: Paintings 2008-2018

Les Presses du réel ︎︎︎

“This publication provides the first overview of Christiane Pooley's work to date: a landscape painter unveiling the instability of social structures, the Chilean artist has developed a universe which summons the sublime, the melancholy and the political. With texts by Marie Maertens and Laura Morrison.”

Edited by Jean-Daniel Galisson and Constanza Piaggio
Texts by Marie Maertens and Laura Morrison

Graphic design: Jean-Daniel Galisson (Maison Sagan)︎︎︎

Published in November 2018 by Galería Patricia Ready, Santiago, and Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain, Paris.
Distribution: Les Presses du réel
Trilingual edition (English / Spanish / French)
22 x 28 cm (hardcover)
148 pages (100 color ill.)
Edition of 600 copies
ISBN : 978-2-9538140-1-9

Solo Exhibition Catalogue | Christiane Pooley: La Primera Piedra

Texts by César Gabler and Kati Lincopil ︎︎︎

Graphic design: Constanza López

Published in December 2019 by Galería Patricia Ready
21.5 x 28 cm (softvocer)
16 pages (18 color ill.)

Solo Exhibition Catalogue | Christiane Pooley: Los bordes del mundo

Text by Laura Morrison ︎︎︎

Graphic design: Piedad García

Published in July 2015 by Galería Patricia Ready
21.5 x 28 cm (softvocer)
16 pages (14 color ill.)

SUB 30 Pintura jóven en Chile

Texts by: Jorge González Lohse, Carolina Castro, Víctor Díaz Sarret, Nadine Canto Novoa, Carol Illanes, Victor Díaz + Paloma Griesshammer

Graphic design: iv estudio

Published in February 2014 by  Ediciones C
Bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
28 x 22 cm (softcover)
300 pages
ISBN: 978-956-353-664-5

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